My name is Sara.

I’m a British junior doctor with a passionate for health and fitness.

I found a love for helping others to take control of their health when I founded a fitness society at my University. During the two years that I spent leading it, I saw so many young men and women struggle with their weight, body image and health. It seemed that although the information was out there, it wasn’t being shared in a digestible, relate-able and practical form.

So I started my youtube channel towards the end of 2016. I share workouts, recipes and lifestyle stories online. My tone is colloquial and chilled, but my information is science based and research packed.

My aim is to equip and inspire others to develop lifelong healthy habits and mindsets that will not only prevent illnesses, but improve the quality of their lives.

I really love food and when previously overweight, I scoured the internet for healthy food ideas that I could eat without hating my life. I was truly appalled by the number of healthy recipes out there that either require a cooking degree or tasted like trash. I now share my health maintaining, tastebud respecting recipes here, so that no one ever has to go through what I endured.

I am also an advocate for blood and organ donation. Having volunteered with NHS BT for a number of years, I have made it my mission to change the statistics surrounding donation, clear up myths and empower people with the facts that can help us to help each other.

In my spare time I love to train athletics, sing, eat, play guitar, paint, eat, go to church, drink coffee, eat and sleep.

I am so excited for this platform. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I do.