How to Not Hate Salads

How to not Hate Salads

I hate to say I hate stuff…but I thoroughly dislike the idea of salads. 

For me, food is pretty close to being an emotional and spiritual experience. By deeply rooted levels of distrust mostly stem from the fact that time and time again, I have been emotionally let down by the fake news food that is the salad.

You see all these pictures of beautifully slim women laughing over their bowls of healthy dry green leaves and do you think oh my goodness – I can totally be that woman. I can totally enjoy a bowl of dry green leaf. And so, with a mind full of hope and naivety, you order a fresh green salad. 15 minutes later after struggling to reassemble the salad with every forkful, you are left hungry and disappointed. You comfort yourself with the thought ‘at least I’ve been healthy’ only to read the nutrition information and find that the dressing you added was actually 500 calories and ended up being less healthy than the burger that you really wanted to eat

It’s not very Doctor-y of me to admit that I kind of believe salads are a lie of the devil, but I’m a firm believer in being true to your taste buds and being true to yourself.

If the healthy food that you plan on eating isn’t food that you enjoy, then it’s not going to benefit you because you are not going to carry on eating it for long enough to see a benefit.

So in today’s post I’m going to tell you how I make salads that don’t make me want to cry with regret.


Number one – Eat large portions

One of the most annoying things about eating salads is still being hungry after you supposedly ‘had lunch’. A great way to get around this is to simply eat more salad than you would have eaten if it were a different meal. Filling yourself up on calorie cheap foods like leafy greens will help you to feel full for longer and reduce your cravings for high energy snacks later on.

Number two – Add lots of protein!

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, pescatarian or Kosher on Wednesdays – adding lots of protein to your foods will enable you to once again feel full for longer. Protein has high satiety and this is literally does the same thing as point number-one

Number three – Keep it colourful

Now this might sound pretty basic, but keeping your salad is colourful is a wonderful way of making sure that you’re getting a wide variety of vegetables and nutrients in your diet. Not only will it cause you to try new vegetables and thereby increase your culinary repertoire, it will also look really good on instagram.

Number four – There are no rules

Fancy some watermelon? Put it in your salad. Feel like having olives AND cashew nuts? Put it in your salad. Anyone who judges your salad lacks vision and a hobby, so don’t be afraid to make your salads totally unique. After all, your tastebuds are pretty unique too.

Number five – Make your own dressings

There is nothing more heartbreaking powering through a salad when you really wanted a pizza, only to find out that the pizza would’ve been healthier option afterall. One way of getting around this is to make your own dressing. A lot of dressings are packed full of fatty fluids (number one culprit usually olive oil). By putting together your own dressings you’re able to ensure that there is a limited amount of sugar and fat in side them. You can also make the exact quantity you need meaning that avoid having all these leftover salad dressing bottles rotting away in the fridge…(please say I’m not the only one who has at least 5)

And that’s about it 🙂

Hope you found these tips helpful!

Are you a salady person?!

Let me know in comments

XOXO Dr Sara Sienna

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