It’s no hidden secret that I’m a HUGE fan of Beyonce. So when she brought out the clothing line Icy Park I was more than a little shook.




One thing I love about this brand is the diversity of models it has used since day one. It’s all too common for brands to ignore ‘niche’ markets of ethnic minorities then only bring in a few tokens when they absolutely have to.




The style is unlikely street and doesn’t follow the popular trends of booty emphasising skin tight everything. Being addicted to high waist legging myself, I was surprised to struggle to find a pair in the collection.

As with most athletic wear brands, it’s not the cheapest. The black leggings I bought will set you back £45. But the quality is top line. I can honestly say the joggers are some of the most comfortable that have ever graced my skin, thanks Bey 🙂


See my full £200 IVY Park Haul over on my youtube channel here: – https://youtu.be/kL3bYo8PqC4



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