My Diary #4: Never Change

Maybe I’m feeling deep right now. Maybe I’m denying that it’s nearly Monday, I don’t know. But here are some Sunday night thoughts ☁️☁️

I saw a celebrity post a picture of their other half the other day, with the caption saying “I love you, never change”. It made me think of how much I’ve changed over the last 3 years. Growing up and becoming a real life human being woman naaah it’s a LOT. You have to decide what your life is and and what it isn’t. Trying to figure out who and how I’ll ‘be’. The sad thing is, some changes have meant that I lost friends along the way. Friendships that I love and still miss. And it’s sad to see them go. But change will also shine a light on the friendships that count. The friends who stay with you through change. The friends who love the cool you, the quiet you, the fun you, the “wow you really messed that up” you, and – usually most telling – the successful you.

So as I lie here feeling so incredibly grateful for my few but wonderful friends and wondering about the ones I love and miss, I realise my prayer for my friends isn’t that they never change. I hope they change into all the awesome, world changing, confident things that they dream of being, doing and seeing. My prayer is that I might be the good and faithful friend that’s there cheering. Shouting “yaaasss get it girl” all the way through every phase, trial and success.
Truly loving someone isn’t limited to the one static version of who they are at one point in time.

Nothing is static or simple in this awesomely weird life.

So don’t let someone “love” the change out of you. Keep growing those badass grown-ass butterfly wings and see the real love start to flourish.
To my amazing best friends who may or may not make it to the end of this, thanks for being in my life.
P.s no salt or marinade at all intended to anyone who has ever used that caption. I’m just lying here pretending it isn’t nearly Monday.

What are your thoughts?

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