My Diary #3: Strong Women

Sunday Night Thoughtsđź’­

When I was younger, I used to be so afraid of looking strong. Because being strong was a ‘man’ thing. My simple 13 year old mind had effortlessly learnt that our society portrays the beauty of a woman as being bound up in her helplessness. We are portrayed as attractive when dainty and in need. We are not so subtly taught that in order to be desirable, we have to be the dansel in distress. That our highest peak in life is to be rescued from the castle. As I’ve grown into my own mind, I’ve come to believe that there is absolutely no beauty in restraining yourself to be anything less than all that God made you to be. A truly strong person will never ask you to be less in order to make themselves feel strong. Whether your ‘strength’ is your intelligence, wage, wisdom, inner joy, job success or literal physical strength – own it and excel in it.

Because society is wrong.

Being strong is not a ‘man’ thing.

It’s a good thing.
Here’s to strong women. Here’s to knowing them, supporting them and being them.

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