“The Fear” – Short Stories by Dr Sara Sienna

I feel sick.

Hot slithers of sweat seep from my chubby hands onto the stack of notes before me as the world spins beneath my feet. If I were to projectile vomit right now, my lunch would probably travel further than my medical career. Five days. Five days until exams. Five days to revise seven modules. Nope. That’s wrong. Revise means to ‘re-visit’ and that would insinuate that I have seen these modules before. My whole intellectual career flashes before my eyes as I consider my two options. Number 1 – Start revising now, or number 2 – Build a time machine. It’s a close call as to which option offers the more successful outcome.
Why are you like this Sara?!

I plead with my own soul and every fibre of my body. Why do you wait for ‘the fear’ to kick in before you start to prepare for exams?! Ahhh… ‘The Fear’… That classic, sick feeling of pre exam panic that propels you toward action like a moth to the flame. My old friend, my companion. But over the years, like a drug addict I’ve grown tolerant. Numb to it’s effects. At GCSEs the fear would saturate my soul a full 6 weeks before exam day. Now at medschool? 5 days.
A sweat drop from my forehead hits the page.
They say experience is the best teacher, and Lord knows I’ve been here before.

I breathe in, breathe out, and prepare myself for the onslaught.

Because I did not come this far to fail.


There aren’t many fields I claim to be an expert in, and I can’t say that I’m proud of this one. But my new video on ‘How to revise last minute’ is the grand symphony of a life long expert procrastinator. Gather all ye late to start.

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