20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Hey there QT,

Seeing as we’re sharing life, thinking, reading, chatting etc, I thought it’d be nice to share a little bit more about me. Here are 20 facts you may not know about your gal, Dr Saz Sienna. Enjoy 🙂


  1. I’m 5 foot 3 and a half. Yes, the half matters.
  2. I was homeschooled for 2 years and it was so awesome that I fully plan on hiring my mum to raise I mean homeschool my future children for me.
  3. I’m the youngest of 5 children in a Nigerian family, so my plans to hire my mum are competitive.
  4. I’ve never watched the Harry Potter films or read the books. I tried when I was 19 years old at Uni and gave up at number two. I’m really sorry for the offence caused.
  5. I don’t like avocados which is actually really stressful when you’re a health blogger.
  6. My ears are really small. I mean like really, really small. So small that kids in school used to measure them saying “have your ears grown yet, Sara?”
  7. To this day, I am still the funniest person I have ever met. It’s quite worrying as I’m either deluded or the funniest person in the world and I’m not sure which would be worse.
  8. I date myself. Lol seriously. I go to the cinema alone, eat at really nice restaurants alone – whatever I feel like doing. I dress up (because I like to) in an outfit that makes me feel like a solid 12.9/10, do my hair and make up, take a book and my diary and go. I’ve come up with some of my best thoughts when on dates with good old me, eaten some of the best food and seen some pretty great films. I do this because it’s fun, and I think it helps me to love myself. To be comfortable in my own skin. I figure if I learn to do both for myself, I can be a well of love and self confidence for others to draw from, rather than dry ground constantly waiting to be watered.
    Also, sometimes the staff feel sorry for me and give me free food, so it’s really win win.
  9. I once met the Queen on live TV, and lead her on a walk around Buckingham palace. But that’s another story for another day.
  10. I love to sing. Singing for people is honestly one of the most emotive, thrilling, life changing, healing, adrenaline filled activities I have ever done.
  11. I love to draw, I have a deluded belief that everyone can draw a masterpiece if they simply never quit.
  12. I love to write. I wrote a sci-fi book when I was in homeschool.
  13. I starred in a BBC show as a child – good luck finding it.
  14. Sienna is not my surname.
  15. I have many middle names and only my immediate family know them.
  16. I used to busk around Bristol, Cardiff and London. It was an amazing experience (and it paid rather well!). Something I found incredibly interesting, was the number of people who would break down and cry, hug me, or leave notes in my guitar case. I don’t know if it’s the act of making yourself vulnerable on the street, or simply the songs I chose, but those experiences are partly why I love music so much. Everyone is going through something, and it’s incredible how music can heal you.
  17. My friends have always called me “Sassy” as a nickname and I only just realised it is because people genuinely think that I’m Sassy. I’m still coming to terms with it and attempting to do so in the least sassy way possible.
  18. Sometimes I get so happy while I’m eating that I ‘bob-dance’. It can be really embarrassing especially when doing number eight, but wow food makes me so happy I am genuinely grateful to God for all that my tastebuds have experienced.
  19. I don’t have any tattoos.
  20. I’m a Christian and I believe in Jesus. As I’ve grown older I’ve learnt that it isn’t too cool to literally read the Bible. But I honestly don’t think I could ever stop believing in, praying to, and living my life with God. He’s awesome.

What’s one fun and interesting fact about you that you whip out at parties?!? Comment below ! 🙂

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