cropped-6.jpgHi there!

Welcome to my world blog 🙂

You’re new here, right? My guess is you found this page from the dramatic countdown on my youtube channel? Or Instagram? Perhaps you were brought here by the single best search engine result of your life. Or maybe you know me personally and simply decided to stop by for a good old stalk.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

Although this website is new, truth is, blogging isn’t new to me. I had a blog back when I was 15 (internet detectives – good luck). I wrote about bikes, Prince Harry and everything in between, while simultaneously using the website to draw and sell personalised portraits online.

And I LOVED IT. Back then, writing came as naturally as talking to me – except no one could interrupt or tell me to shut up. #thedream. Despite not quite reaching buzzfeed levels of success, the site was actually voted the worlds funniest blog by 100% of its readers (thanks momma).

Unfortunately, the glory days were short lived. Somewhere between GCSE’s, A levels and the inherent desire to hide my bizarre thought patterns from acquaintances who were not quite ready for this intellectual jelly, I hung up my keyboard and stopped blogging.

Yet here I am, Tuesday 31st October 6:44pm, sat on a Greyhound Bus somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, writing to you, my internet friend.

I think there’s something truly God Sent about “written word”. Some kind of unique and powerful art that holds the power of a thousand men. The glorious combination of the writers intent and the readers imagination; creates a beautiful accolade of perspectives, resulting in endless possibilities of untold thought. You can’t hear my voice (although chances are if you’ve watched a few of my videos you may well be reading this in my voice – yep, that’s the one – sultry musical tones often mistaken for a beautiful choir of angels…yep. totally happens all the time…).

Every thing I describe on here, every terrifying near death experience and exhilarating best life moment will be recreated through your own wild interpretation.  For this reason, I think words will tell the stories of my travels far better than any vlog ever could.

On this here website, I’ll share my travels, experiences, thoughts, recipes, health advice, photography, art, and everything in between.

I hope you use the comment box below and share your thoughts right back at me, so that I can indulge in some squiggly black lines too.


I sincerely hope this humble little space on the big wide web blesses you in a new and awesome way 🙂

See you in my next post



Dr Sara Sienna

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